Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal Chart

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Re: Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal C

Postby PlaneWalker0630 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:28 am

bloodvenus wrote:Yes, Planewalker, you are right.I made that assumption. Sorry for that. I did not mean to minimize your problems though.I think it's just that thing of speaking of the same topic (astrology) but coming from different worldviews about the topic. I have always (perhaps incorrectly) seen astrology, natal chart as, at best, predictive/indicative of a cycle or pattern rather than actually causing it. So it would not occur to me to take that approach but it seems that many people have and do with good effects, so I wish you the best.
Btw..have you tried things like uncrossing? Removing jinxes,hexes, obstacles etc through angel magic or even witchcraft? May be a line of defense to consider.
All the best

It's alright. I over-reacted, too. A lot of my problems do have something to do with my internal tendencies, not all of them though. I don't think my natal chart "caused' all my problems. I don't really know what's causing those negative influences in my natal chart, and why astrology can describe these things accurately is still beyond me. My line of thought goes like this: If astrology can predict those things accurately, and there are working models designed according to astrology such as planetary magic or astrological magic, why don't I just go for that? To me it's like if astrology is the keyhole, and planetary or astrological magic may be the key. I say "may be" because I haven't solved my problems yet, and there is possibility that after bumping my head in the wall for some more years I finally find out that something like IIH is what I should do in the first place :lol: .

I have also been considering uncrossing. Most uncrossing ritual I found require me to left the candle burning for some days in my room, which will cause my mom to become hysterious about my "unrealistic superstitions". You mentioned uncrossing through angelic magic which is interesting...can you elaborate on this?
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Re: Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal C

Postby tasbiha4711 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:24 am

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Re: Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal C

Postby RezaTwiceDead » Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:46 am

You seem to assume that my problems are all internal tendencies. If that's the case I'll have to disagree. In my own experience those influences aren't totally internal. They also manifest as physical illness, injuries and external circumstances. Yes, I've spend some years on meditation, psychotherapy and other self-improvement stuff before I get in touch with occultism, but none of them help when those negative influences hit me in my face. It's after all those shits happened and I opened an astrological books and was shocked to find everything is written in my natal chart, and what I saw isn't pretty because those shits may not be a one-time thing. I learned the hard way that there are forces larger than yourself that can and will influence your life whether you like it or not, and to put your focus totally inside yourself isn't very practical when your external circumstances sucks.

I went through a similar situation when I examined myself in light of Vedic Astrology. It was a strange feeling to see that some ancient Hindu who probably chewed sticks for dental hygine managed to predict my personality and life experiences accurately. You should keep in mind that no one has a perfect chart, and everyone has (in the Vedic reckoning) at least 6 areas that will be a consistent burden twisting external events into a position where they will kick you in the face.

The "burden" in Joytish Astrology is represented by Saturn, and he always affects at least 6 houses (2 by ownership, 3 by "rays" called drishti, and 1 by residence). The main idea is that he represents the obstructions and ignorance innate in the individual and their life experiences. The traditional view is that you, unless some special method is used, can only get around the effects by repeatedly having to deal with them over and over again until you burn off the ignorance. Heard it likened to banging your head on a wall until it breaks. The good news is that the walls will collapse without you doing anything... the bad news is that this occurs without effort only if you manage to live to about 65.

For instance, in my chart, Aries is my 8th House and holds the Moon while being influenced by Saturn, Mars (who rules Aries) is magnified in Scorpio. I could take this to mean that my sense of self, and somewhat aggressive & egotistical mentality are unusually, and strongly rooted in disruptive transformations (i.e Death, Sex, Regeneration etc.) -- and that due to Saturn's influence these effects will happen repeatedly with only the effect of time to ameliorate their occurance. This is actually correct to a "tee", the experiences that proved the ancient Indian guy (who probably didn't even wear pants) right about me happened before I'd even heard of this sort of Astrology. I don't doubt that your getting a face-full of boot, if only because everyone does -- whether you got pegged by some ancient who forgot to use his telescope for checking the local river for nudes or not.

The only real problem with the system is that it requires a precise time of birth, something not everyone has -- there are methods of determining it but that goes beyond my appreciation of the field. I can tell you that there a "remedies" claimed to reduce the ill effects -- though not in full. Aside from rituals to propitiate the planets, and the usage of stones (which I eschewed due to lack of interest) there is said to be one sure-fire way to help you by reducing the effects, at least slightly.

In two words, charitable deeds. This is why I didn't bother checking out the rituals and stones, my natural if whimsical sense of charity is an everyday part of living. According to the Joytisha, this is due to the Sun and Mercury in the 12th... whether or not that is true, I paid for the traits with time and energy -- that can't and shouldn't be denied. You buy it, you use it. If you predict that I'll buy the exact hat I buy ahead of time, its still mine, and it would be a wasteful use of a perfectly good hat to use it to wail on a long dead scholar -- or a planet for that matter.

Frankly it doesn't matter. Your chart, literally cannot be all negative, and the negative aspects have their upsides. My spine was shattered in three places, three ribs were broken and a lung was pierced due to "negative" influences, the same "negative" influence showed me the Name of God vividly before me in such Glory that a piece of dog crap would've looked like a Rembrant at that moment. Neither experience required anything I would call effort, they seemed to "just fall" into place. For everything that comes easy to me, good or bad, someone is missing the boat, and the converse applies equally -- to everyone.

I've tried meditations and I'm still trying, but the physical illness and injuries make it very painful for me to sit or stand still for a long time so it's hard for me get into meditative state. This means it'll probably take much longer before I can use meditation to fix those internal tendencies. And for looks interesting but seems to take a lot of time and takes years before it can be put into any practical use. When my circumstances improve I may embark on this or other similar developmental work, but I don't have the luxury to put all my effort in this now.

I can sympathize with illness and injuries that interfere with Spiritual Practice, but if I waited for a perfect asana then I'd never get one except by chance and happenstance. You have to start from where you are at. The continual failures are practice, a stripping away of the dross until the sharpened point you aimed for shines honed by tears, sweat, blood, and persistence.

The Old Shaman were said to be able to hold the shaking, trembling, manic state of half-mad Ecstatic Possession for Days of Shamanizing at a time. My own abilities are feeble in comparison, over the last three days I've only managed 129 minutes, total. Pathetic. Does it matter? Only if I quit trying.

Thats how you break free of negative planetary influences. I'm actually coming down from the above, and this might be the post of a selfish prick. The fact that I am a selfish prick can't detract from the points I made though. ;)
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Re: Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal C

Postby Boredharry » Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:25 pm

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Re: Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal C

Postby PlaneWalker0630 » Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:57 pm

I've just got a feeling I should check this thread...Thanks for your input guys! Sorry that I'm in a hurry now. I will post a more elaborated reply a few days later.


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Re: Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal C

Postby Pablo » Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:27 pm

Rather than using some what dubious methods to work your natal chart why not look at the current aspects or those in the near future? I also look at the chinese zodiacal animal that represents me. The key thing is to be open to the new incoming forces and try to work with them. This can be an interesting experience that takes you our of your comfort zone but can be quite rewarding. Then the negative aspects seem to "flip" and beocme quite positive in an adventurous way. I would start by looking at what is happening in your ascendent, descenedant, midheaven and IC. Remember "the stars impel they do not compel". We always have free will.

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Re: Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal C

Postby Ad Astra » Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:20 am

I'm an astrologer. What is the issue you are concerned about? post your natal chart and give some specifics and I can help tell you what kind of talisman you might need. As someone pointed out, charity can be a method as well. Uncrossing rituals may be needed. I can do a hoarary chart to see if you have been cursed, just ask.
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Re: Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal C

Postby smokeringhalo » Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:27 pm

From the perspective of someone who also has a jacked up chart, one doesn't simply break free from planetary influences, your chart is your own unique energy map after all. Sure you can invoke & banish, play them up or down, but your pretty much stuck with the hand you've been dealt. Doesn't mean one can't put on their best poker face & bluff their way to win the game however. Paying attention to your transits is key in my experience. Bet big & play up Trines. For example say I had natal Saturn in Taurus money woes, but the healing Sun comes along and Trines Saturn while in Capricorn - you could make an Astro, Tarot, Candle spell - One candle & card for Saturn (the World), One for the Sun (The Sun), one for whichever corresponding trine decan of Virgo. These form your triangle. The remaining card & candle is your desired manifested outcome placed in the middle. This simple method incorporates some powerful symbolism in such a small package. Negative influences are a bit trickier. Oppositions seem to require some middle ground compromising to balance them. Banishing one can allow the opposing side to take over which can sometimes be worse. You'd probably be better off using some self-hypnosis on a regular basis for better results imo....that's where alot of this stuff is hidden anyway - subconscious programs. At 42, I still take planetary beat-downs, but learn to make the best of it.
Uncrossing is more of a spiritual cleansing/detox. Unless someone has cursed you (or cursed yourself) I doubt you've accumulated that much psychic trash if you're young enough to still live at home. Couldn't hurt though. You don't need to do a 7 or 13 day uncrossing, there are 1 day rituals as well. Hope this helps cause I know how you feel.
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Re: Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal C

Postby venusian » Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:36 am

Those "negative influences" are there for a reason..for you to live through. The book mentioned is an interesting one..and from glancing through it, it seems like it does have some merit. However, most of the stuff in the chart can't particularly be changed just because we don't want to deal with them. From my experience though...the intensity of some can be lessened with service.
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Re: Break Free From Negative Planetary Influences in Natal C

Postby Pnouthis » Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:12 pm

Western tradition don't have sciences of breaking negative effects of natal chart only hindu magic got it. Some talismans can help also.
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