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Enochian tools

Postby Sam » Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:41 pm

I have been blessed with the ability to create Metal Talismans in a very uncommon way. I use an Alchemical process that incorporates Electrical energy, air, water, earth (elements) and fire as a galvanic reaction. The object to be created literally grows atom by atom in my alchemical soup.
My goal is to provide the Enochian tools as described is Dee's work in full relief. The prescribed materials for the Ring and Lamen being purest gold is financially out of the reach of most practitioners. I use pure Copper as my base metal and will fill the objects with the purest gold available.
I am embarking on this challenge first and foremost for myself. I know the power of the objects created in this manner and lets face it, paper tools are not ideal especially when one considers the specific instructions of thier material creation.

lgdvl73 has been kind enough to let me use his renderings, and has created a Ring and Lamen in Enochian script
for this purpose.
My question to the group is, what are your impressions of the Ensigns of Creation he has posted in his thread "New Enochian Images" ?
With great effort, he has redrawn the ensigns and used a mix of the 2 Tyson fonts (From the 2 Alphabets received by Dee)based on his interpretation of the material.
It will take weeks for me to hand carve reliefs of the ensigns and I really need some feedback from the group on these versions of the ensigns.
If I am succesful, I may want to be able to offer these works to practitioners, and want to provide the tools in the most accurate way that makes sense financially.
Please offer up any and all insights that may come to you.
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Re: Enochian tools

Postby lgdvl73 » Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:43 pm

The First Number - Numerus Primus.jpg
The First Day - Dies Primus.jpg
The Sign that Cannot be Grasped - Signum Incomprehensibiltatis.jpg
It is True - Veritas est.jpg
The Lights of Your Knowledge - Lumina sunt haec Intelligentiae.jpg
They are Multiplied for Your Use - Ad usum tuum Multiplicati sunt.jpg
He Will Overshadow Your Footsteps with the Light of Truth - Obumbrabit vestigia vestrum veritatis luce.jpg
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